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2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R Plus 8-15 HP with ECUnleashed


***2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R – w/ Brocks Performance CT Single Full Exhaust

Before ECUnleashed Reflash – 200 HP
After ECUnleashed Reflash – 208 HP

+8 Peak Horsepower
5-6 Ft lbs TQ

“The ECUnleashed flash makes the 14R feel like the Gen3 has been released… Instantly more power from Idol to the new extended redline, noticeably more midrange punch, and all the factory restrictions removed (speed, TRE in lower gears and a more responsive fuel map). This is the best mod available for a 2012 ZX14R and the most bang for the buck!” – Jon Wolff – Seno- &

As important as PEAK power gains are, riders only spend a small percentage of time riding in this area of the power curve…. so the improvemnts to lower and midrange power is often more important to the overall performance of the motorcycle and where riders spend a majority of time………

So along with the PEAK HP gains the reflash offers, it also delivers an impressive +10-25 additional horsepower in the 6000-9000 RPM range (depending on the gear)….. however each gear shows significant improvments in this mid-range RPMs.

Increased rev limit serves a legitimate purpose in producing a much wider “sweet spot” and continues to deliver power long after the stock bike & ECU would have reach its rev limit. Improved deceleration mapping offers a smoother and more linear on/off throttle characteristics which allows the rider to take full advantage of this added power and efficiently use the motorcycles full potential.

The Global Tuning Network once again comes together to produce an exceptional Performance Tune File to offer to the motorsports community.

Powerhouse Motorcycles,ECUnleashed Authorized Tuning Center for New York,lended their facility, resources and skills in finalizing & optimizing this Gen II file….. and the results show.

– Frank Davis, Powerhouse Motorcycles – NY

“This year Kawasaki has finally thrown the gauntlet down and upped the ante
in a big way with their new 2012 ZX14. What we hope is happening in the sport bike world at this time is reminiscent of the hp wars that began in the seventies, again, when Kawasaki stepped up to the plate with its triples and the mighty Z1. Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha had no choice but to answer with their own benchmark bikes. Hopefully, this happens again, as it could only result in better, more competitive & higher horsepower models from all the major manufacturers. POWERHOUSE had the privilege of tuning & working with this new ZX14- one of the most powerful stock bikes to ever grace our dyno. Through the magic of ECUnleashed Tuning Technology paired with Powerhouse Motorcycles finely tuned fuel mapping, we were able to get close to 210 rear wheel horsepower & over 120 ft-lbs of torque out of this beast. – impressive, to say the least. Especially from a bike so smooth & compliant. I would hope that Suzuki, Yamaha & Honda have an answer to the question . . .can they do better?”

2011-12 Suzuki GSX-R 750 +7 HP – Tune of the Month

ECUnleashed 2011 Specials

NEW!!! Honda CBR600RR & CBR1000RR – ECU Performance Reflash

ECU Performance Tune Files
Honda CBR600RR & CBR1000RR
Due to overwhelming demand, ECUnleashed offers a pre-release on the ALL NEW Honda CBR600RR & 1000RR ECU Performance Reflash………

The NEW Honda ECU Performance Tune Files have been fully dyno,tested & tuned and have received months of track development with some of the top race teams around the world. Both the CBR600RR & 1000RR have produced astonishing results in increased horsepower & torque while also offering significant improvements in overall ride-ability.

In preparation for the 2012 race season, this pre-release program gives Honda riders the option to have their ECU reflashed 2-3 months before the official scheduled release in February-2012.
The pre-release Honda reflash will require mild physical alterations to the stock ECU which must be performed at the ECUnleashed Research & Development facility. Honda riders around the world will now have the opportunity to experience the full potential of their CBR.

Procedure & Requirements

The NEW Honda ECU Performance Reflash is currently only available on the;

  • 2007-11 Honda CBR600RR
  • 2008-11 Honda CBR1000RR

All customers must go through an ECUnleashed Authorized Tuning Center for the service.

CUT OFF DATE for the Honda ECU Pre-Release Program is Wednesday, December 14th 2011. All Authorized Tuning Centers must have their customer ECU’s in to us by this date. Maximum turnaround time of 2-3 weeks.

For additional information on the Honda ECU Performance Reflash and/or the Pre-Release Program, please contact your local ECUnleashed Authorized Tuning Center.

Making History……..

  • Remove factory restrictions
  • Increase rev limit
  • Optimized ignition & fuel mapping
  • Improve on/off throttle control
  • Race idle option
  • Tuned deceleration maps
  • Gen 2 files for stock & modified
  • Eliminate top speed limiter

MV Agusta, Triumph, KTM – Global Tuning Network News


ECUnleashed The Company

ECUnleashed Chip Tuning Technology is committed to staying one step ahead in the world of motorsports tuning by developing and distributing the most extensive line of ECU performance Tune Files for motorcycles, cars, watercraft and snowmobiles.
Through our ever expanding network of knowledgeable Tuning Centers around the world, we are able to offer new technology, optimum performance results, and quality customer service to an international community of motorsport enthusiasts.

The Technology

EcUnleashed Tuning Technology is a performance service consisting of reprogramming or “flashing” your vehicles stock ECU (Electronic Control Unit) unlocking the hidden potential of your car, motorcycle, watercraft, snowmobile. This results incredible power gains, optimum engine deceleration maps, increased rev limit, smoother on/off throttle response, “Dash Code” removal and so much more. The bike retains all stock instrument and light functions along with all safety parameters of the stock ECU. ECUnleashed uses only the most advance hardware and software to develop and distribute one of the largest and diverse developed by our Italian partners, Piasini Engineering
This offers the track day enthusiast, club racers, and even factory race teams an incredibly competitive “Plug-n-Play” electronics service package without the extensive cost and testing time associated with a race kit ECU, wiring harnesses, cables etc.

Removing Restrictions and Perfecting the Tune……..

ECU Modifications – (Optional per customer request and application)

* Remove Factory Timing Retard
* Remove Throttle Restrictions
* Increased Idle
* Increased Rev Limit
* Remove Speed Limiters (Gear Dependent)
* Reduce Excessive Engine Braking/Improved Deceleration
* Improved Throttle Control & Reaction
* Remove Injector Shut-Off on Deceleration
* Eliminate Factory “Error codes” (ex. exhaust valve, steering damper)
* Improved Fuel Maps
* Improved Ignition Maps
* Injector Phasing Adjustment
* Velocity Stack Switching Adjustment (Variable Stacks Only)
* Race Fuel Mapping Accommodations

“Return to Stock” Option
All ECU’s can be reprogrammed back to it’s stock settings at anytime.
(fee’s will apply)

ECUnleashed performance Tune Files have been Dyno tested and tuned for maximum performance. While most vehicles show a 6-10% increased in power, we have seen vehicles result in as high as +20% power gains.


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