ECU Performance Tune Files
Honda CBR600RR & CBR1000RR
Due to overwhelming demand, ECUnleashed offers a pre-release on the ALL NEW Honda CBR600RR & 1000RR ECU Performance Reflash………

The NEW Honda ECU Performance Tune Files have been fully dyno,tested & tuned and have received months of track development with some of the top race teams around the world. Both the CBR600RR & 1000RR have produced astonishing results in increased horsepower & torque while also offering significant improvements in overall ride-ability.

In preparation for the 2012 race season, this pre-release program gives Honda riders the option to have their ECU reflashed 2-3 months before the official scheduled release in February-2012.
The pre-release Honda reflash will require mild physical alterations to the stock ECU which must be performed at the ECUnleashed Research & Development facility. Honda riders around the world will now have the opportunity to experience the full potential of their CBR.

Procedure & Requirements

The NEW Honda ECU Performance Reflash is currently only available on the;

  • 2007-11 Honda CBR600RR
  • 2008-11 Honda CBR1000RR

All customers must go through an ECUnleashed Authorized Tuning Center for the service.

CUT OFF DATE for the Honda ECU Pre-Release Program is Wednesday, December 14th 2011. All Authorized Tuning Centers must have their customer ECU’s in to us by this date. Maximum turnaround time of 2-3 weeks.

For additional information on the Honda ECU Performance Reflash and/or the Pre-Release Program, please contact your local ECUnleashed Authorized Tuning Center.

Making History……..

  • Remove factory restrictions
  • Increase rev limit
  • Optimized ignition & fuel mapping
  • Improve on/off throttle control
  • Race idle option
  • Tuned deceleration maps
  • Gen 2 files for stock & modified
  • Eliminate top speed limiter